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Sirloin Carpaccio
Beef sirloin, thinly sliced, marinated in balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and grated parmesan cheese. Served with freshly baked focaccia straight from our stone oven.
Red Tuna Tartare
Red tuna tartare, seasonal fruit, red onion, touches of hot pepper, fresh herbs and Asian vinaigrette sauce.
Cherry Salad On Fire
A variety of cherry tomatoes, red onion, hot peppers, Feta cheese, freshly squeezed lemon and extra virgin olive oil on top of freshly baked focaccia straight from our stone oven.
Grilled Skampi
Black tiger shrimps in tempura coating and a special coconut and curry dip.
Sweet Potato And Burghul Pilaf
A vegetarian burghul pilaf, laid on baked sweet potato, with touches of high quality Tahini on top.
Cuban Chicken Salad
Spring mix, cucumbers, red onion, apples, chicken nuggets and mango -aioli sauce.
Fcaccia Rustica
A crispy fresh focaccia, made from special roman style dough we make in our kitchen, baked in an Italian stone oven. The focaccia is served with three different spreads according to the Chef’s daily choice.
8 oz Asado Hamburger
Made in our own kitchen, according to a special recipe that produces a perfect balance of flavors. The recipe combines two high quality cuts of meat - short ribs and chuck, with our secret spice mixture. The Hamburger is served with an option of French fries or home fries to your selection.

// 5₪: Fried onion, Mushroom, Hot peppers.
// 8₪: Fried egg, Gouda cheese, Melted cheddar cheese.
Lamb Kebab
Lamb kebab on a bed of shredded grilled vegetables and a cream made of yogurt, Thina and fresh herbs.
Forest Risotto
High quality risotto Arborio perfectly cooked with wild mushrooms, parmesan Grana Pedana, white wine and fresh herbs.
Grouper Kebab
An authentic homemade Grouper kebab, laid on a vegetarian burghul pilaf, with touches of yogurt on the side.
Cazuela 68
Spanish-style stew. In the dish: meatballs, spicy sausage, hummus, potatoes and tomatoes cooked in a roasted peppers and cream sauce. The dish is served with pastry crust on top.
Roman Style Pizza
Our special roman style pizza dough, baked in an Italian stone oven with sauce based of tomatos from Italy and great quality mozzarella cheese.

// 5₪: Tomato, Olives, Garlic Confit, Onions,
// 8₪: Artichoke, Feta Cheese, Mushrooms, Pepperoni, Eggs
Lahma Baajun – Turkish Pizza
Quality dough, made daily in our kitchen, baked in a special stone oven and topped with minced lamb, tahini, chopped tomatoes, onions and fresh herbs
Asado Sandwich’s
Mini croissant sandwiches filled with slow cooked short ribs meat, fried onions, fresh lettuce leaves, slices of tomato and mustard aioli.
Chicken Souvlaki
Mini Pita breads filled with: grilled chicken flavored with a touch of lamb fat, fried onions and chopped tomato salsa. The dish is served with Tziziki or Tehina sauce and fried pita sticks.
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken nuggets coated with tempura and Indian spices. Served with home fries and special chili and lime sauce.
Louisiana Fries
Crispy French Fries OR Home Fries spiced with Cajun spice mix with tartar sauce dip on the side.
Bar Snacks
Feta cheese, mixed olives, crispy vegetables and sweet & spicy nuts.
Quality Cheeses
High quality cheeses, homemade candied citrus peels, cherry tomatoes, a drunken pear, a freshly baked focaccia straight from our stone oven and grated tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil dip.
Chocolate Parfait
Made in our own kitchen from quality Belgian chocolate with a touch of almond liqueur.
Layers of crunchy golden crumble and Dulce de leche mousse mixed with crushed peanuts.
Sweet & Sour
Layeres of sourish vanilla & cheese cream and homemade sweet Streusel.
A Desserts Trio
Three desserts from the list above in a great price.
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